Dr Bradley Nelson

Dr Bradley Nelson, the founder of The Emotion Code.

The chiropractor and author Dr. Bradley Nelson is my teacher and the author of The Emotion Code. He discovered this method through a vision that he experienced came from God.

Bradley is appreciated for his down-to-earth, pragmatic, easy-going way of working with people who need healing.

There is a story about how he one night intuitively used Kinesiology (muscle testing) to help his wife with an emotional blockage. Bradley saw to his inner eye a shiny wooden floor and that beneath this floor was his wife’s heart captured. He realised she had a “heart wall”. He continued muscle testing to ask what this wall around his wife’s heart was made of – and the answer was her negative feelings. He asked if it was possible to remove them, which it was. When he had removed all the negative feelings that the wall was made up of, the wall disappeared. A period now followed where his wife had a major breakthrough and a new shift in her life.

She had always been shy, withdrawn and felt that she was more of a witness in social situations than one of the community. She now began to open up and flourish, feeling more alive and feeling her inner strength.

Dr. Bradley Nelson began using this method in his chiropractic practice with very good results – patients who suffered for years with health problems was helped.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a healing modality that is used for removing ‘Trapped emotions’, the negative energy that stuck feelings create. They become lodged in the body and can do much harm. They can also form a Heart Wall.

The heart wall is shaped by our subconscious, which is limitless, to try and protect us from pain. But a Heart Wall weighs heavy on both our body (yes you can feel the actual wall) and our psyche.

A negative feeling ‘negative trapped emotion’ that has stuck has substance. They consist of energy, just like everything else. When a negative feeling is stuck, they have to stay somewhere in the body and sometimes they sit around the heart. They tend to collect where there is a weakness in your body, which further weakens that area or organ.

Karolina Eleonóra, certified Emotion Code practitioner.

I’m Karolina and if you want to remove your Heart Wall I will be happy to help you. The process is simple and effective. It takes a week for me to complete and during that time you will receive the remote treatments needed to get your Heart wall knocked down.

I work with Kinesiology as I scan the body for the negative energies that are stuck and when I’m done I will email you again a result with what I found. Your subconscious knows exactly what is the fault and what is the solution and it is at the subconscious and at the cellular level that I work with my treatment.

Click here to order a Heart Wall removal, I will email you after payment and we will discuss your needs. If you have any questions about the treatment, please email me here.

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