With purchase of any of the services on this site, you are agreeing upon the following terms.


+ You must be over 18 years to use my services.

+ We don’t give refunds after the session is given. 

+ If you want to cancel your session you contact me 24 hours before session and you will get a refund and only paypal fees retained. 

+ I do not offer my services to clients who behave ruthless, disrespectful or aggressive. 


+ I don’t do tarot readings concerning death, pregnancy or health matters. 

+ A tarot reading is not a “truth telling service” but a service dedicated to what message that needs to come through to you. You might not align with the message or relate to it at first, it can take time for a message to “find its way” into your life’s events. 

+ I don’t do Yes or No tarot readings, like “will I pass my exam” etc. My readings are for personal development and inner / outer processes.  

+ I work with Spirit, and sometimes the message that comes through is not what people expected. Be ready for anything and don’t have expectations.

+ Tarot readings are for ‘entertainment purposes only’.


+ A Heart Wall Removal is not a ‘one cure fix all’. It is the first step of a journey to release dense structures / programs from your physical body and field. You will need to do a lot more Emotion Code clearing to get that longterm breakthrough. 

+ The effect of the Emotion Code sessions & Heart wall can take some time. There are no guarantees for an effect, but I have yet to see one client that didn’t get a deep transformational effect overtime.

+ If you suspect you have a medical condition, seek out a doctor, my Emotion Code sessions can only remove blocks that can increase vitality, but not cure disease. 

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