What is a Heart Wall?


The Heart Wall was discovered by chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson, the founder of Emotion Code™. There is a long story of how he one evening intuitively used Kinesiology to help his wife with her emotional blocks, and how he to his minds eye, saw a polished hard wood floor, and that underneath that floor what his wife’s Heart, trapped. He proceeded using Kinesiology (muscle testing) to ask about this wall and if it was made up of trapped negative emotions, which it was, and if it was possible to remove those trapped emotions, which it also was. When he had released all those emotions that the wall was built up on, his wife got a major breakthrough and shift in her life. Always been timid, shy and feeling like being on the outside looking in, she now opened up to blossom, felt more alive than ever and could access her inner strength. Dr Bradley Nelson incorporated this method with his chiropractic clients with mind-blowing results, where years of heavy burdens was lifted off these patients.

The Heart Wall is formed by your subconscious mind – which knows no limits –  to try and protect us from being hurt again. But living your life with a blocked heart isn’t precisely a fun experience.

About 93% of all humans have a Heart wall. It is formed often in our childhood from the negative emotions we experience that the mind isn’t able to process and release; so they become trapped. The wall grows thicker over the years into adulthood from trauma, loss, betrayal, abandonment, failures and so on. This is why smaller children who have no Heart wall are so open, real and spontaneous.

Trapped emotions have substance. They consist of energy, just like everything else. When trapped emotions are created, they must reside somewhere in your body, and sometimes they will lodge in and around your heart.

Living life with a wall around the heart shuts us down and disconnects us. It numbs down our intuition, our inner guidance, can make us feel lost and confused. 

A life without a heart wall, is a more open life. Because you get your flow back and you can again connect to that heart-intelligence you had as a child. Thus it becomes easier to make decisions, you feel more comfortable in yourself, more direct, it is easier to say “yes” and “no”. Because You FEEL yourself. It is like stepping out of a prison you had slowly gotten used to. Suddenly it is easier to breath.

Read more of my heart wall story here (opens in a new window)

The wall is build out of a material that made sense to you as a child, it is often a material we have an affinity for.

My heart wall was built of green leafs (I take refuge in nature), I have removed Heart Walls made up of materials like wood, different metals, synthetic materials like plastics, cushions & blankets, poisoning flowers, nitrogen gas, leather armour, green grass, worms, a moat, medicinal pills and everything between heaven and earth. Lets just say that the subconscious mind works in mysterious ways, no judgement. 


The Science


Instinctively we know that the role our hearts have in our life is more than just a muscle pumping blood. We talk of the heart in terms like “Speak from your heart”, “Heart-felt”, “My heart made me do it”, “Put your heart into it” etc but now, science can reveal some mind blowing information of the hearts true functions, and it is not what we thought it was. 

Your heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ in your body. When you were in the womb, your heart was formed first, before your brain.

In the 1970s, scientists learned that the heart has an elaborate nervous system, a discovery that has led to the creation of a new branch of medicine known as neurocardiology. [Dr Bradley Nelson]

Heart Math institute, has been able to show that we actually have two brains. And while you guessed it, that the heart is one of our two brains, it is actually the main brain of our body; research has found that the brain obeys the heart. 


Your heart is the core of your being, the core of who you really are.


The heart has its own unique intelligence. It can think, feel and remember. There is now considerable evidence that the heart contains memories and feelings. A large number of heart transplant recipients have reported new food and drink preferences and cravings, as well as handwriting changes, musical preferences, and memories that don’t seem to be their own. [Dr Bradley Nelson].

How I work with you


All my sessions are done remotely, so you receive them in the comfort of your home. We correspond via email only. 

I remove the Heart Wall using the Emotion Code™. The process takes about a week to finish. During that time you will get several sessions remotely. After each session your body needs to rest in order to integrate. 

During a session, I close my eyes, tune in to your energy and ask Spirit to be your “Stand in Body” during the session. I muscle test to see if we have a connection and then proceed with scanning your body for blocks (the trapped emotions). I work via a flow chart and remove the blocks one by one until your body needs to rest. 

When I’m tuned into you, I can feel sublim sensations, but I can’t feel your feelings or hear your thoughts or anything like that, so don’t be spooked out. All I feel is within the frame of the healing work Im doing, for example I can feel a sigh of relief after removing some of the trapped emotions, I can sneeze or yawn when energy is moving in your body. Thats all really. 

When I am done after about a week and your Heart wall is knocked down, I email you the blocks I have removed, how thick your wall was and what material it was made of. 

The healing benefits of this session is that when we remove blocks, we remove stagnant energy and open up new pastures for flow, or Prana / Chi / Qi. The body needs and wants flow, it is an absolute necessity. Stagnant energy in the body, not to mention around the heart of old hurt and pain, we believe, can have serious negative effects of the physical heart’s function.

“It is so peculiar… Since you removed my Heart wall, people have started to approach me and strike conversations. It has never happened to me before, I feel SO open now.” (This same client had years of stomach ache that the doctors couldn’t explain, disappeared after I did a chakra-cleanse for her).
“A huge thank you! I have been drinking whisky Friday to Saturday every free weekend for two years now. This weekend Im looking at two unopened bottles, and I don’t even feel like opening them. A massive thank you, Im so happy!!”
ex Military
“After several people in my life had told me about Emotion Code, I finally booked a session with Karolina, a Heart Wall removal. I never thought this session could have such a major impact on my life. Emotional blocks I have been struggling with for years was removed in seconds, seriously!? Some people think that the heart is weak, but I can tell you that they are wrong! Incredibly enough, Karolina could pinpoint a rough period I had as a 25 year old!”
"Since you removed my Heart wall, life has become simpler. A few weeks afterwards tears were flowing and many old memories surfaced that I then could let go off. Many thanks."

Physical effects of a Heart Wall 

• Pain or pressure over the chest

Heavy breathing

• Neck pain

• Shoulder pain

• Trouble sleeping

Emotional Effects of a Heart Wall

• Emotionally numb, cold

• Depression / Anxiety

• Difficulties with relationships

• Low self-esteem

• Difficulties receiving or sharing socially

• PTSD (post traumatisk stress disorder)

• Difficulties in forgiving oneself or others, being stuck in past events.



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Disclaimer: Karolina is no medical doctor and doesn’t diagnose or cure diseases. If you have a medical problem, contact your doctor. Emotion Code™ is Energy medicine on the conditions of the body and you can not guarantee a result. The sessions remove “trapped emotions” that creates different imbalances in the body. If you want to quit taking your medication, speak to your doctor. 

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