Welcome Friend! 

I have been a Guide archetype since young age. People have come up to me just to bare their hearts and soul, sometimes spontaneously and unexpected. 

Working full time as a tarot reader & Mentor, taking well over 10.000 clients, listening to amazing life stories, connecting with beautiful people, I love being at service. Every connection with a client is a fusion, becomes a mastermind where profound inner shifts can happen. A few words can activate dormant powers that dwelled in the inner space of the unconscious. In session, when a client suddenly become silent, I know we are ready to lift off to their next level. When you get a breakthrough – I get one too. Because we are all connected, and every powerful meeting is pre-destined.

I guide entrepreneurs, parents, leaders, ‘highly sensitives’, CEO’s, young people, lost souls, I bring the earth bounds to the light and I wipe a lot of tears. My job is to see you and use all lose ends to weave a new weave with the bigger picture I already see for you.

To trust the process. 

Karolina Eleonóra.


About Emotion Code

The Emotion Code™  has its foundation in Kinesiology where muscle testing is done to “scan” where your blocks are. 

I remove deep rooted issues in seconds, so you don’t have to spend years on the therapy couch intellectualising trauma and past pain. It is maybe the most effective healing modality we have today; I do the sessions remotely so distance is not an issue, often times I can start working on you the same day you purchased a session, it takes seconds for me to find your blocks and remove them one by one and get right to the bottom to your problems.

A “trapped emotion” from lets say a betrayal, can be logged somewhere in your body for decades and cause an stagnation in your energy field. When that betrayal is removed, you get more flow and you will function better on all levels in life. Imagine if you book a session with me and I remove 25 emotional blocks from your childhood, imagine the new flow for your body and mind when you don’t have to carry around that trauma. The more “trapped emotions” I remove, the better you will function in your everyday life, not to mention your social, creative and romantic life. 

Let’s just get rid of it right now, shall we? Let’s discover who you’d be without those blocks!

My work is to move energy. Stagnant energy blocks Life energy. When I release your blocks you get Flow or Prana / Qi / Chi. With flow, inner doors or Portals if you will, opens. With those openings you can blossom and start walking down that Path you were destined to. 

About my Heart Wall journey

Emotion Code came into my life during a “burnout”, or rather a Kundalini rising.

I was looking for something effective, deeply transformative yet gentle, that could lift me up from my stress, anxiety and exhaustion. As soon as after the first session I got a relief that fuelled hope for betterment and I was eager to get more! And I’m glad I did. We started with removing my “Heart Wall”, the wall that surrounds 93% of all people’s heart and that blocks us from giving and receiving love, spontaneity, being genuine and happy. When my Heart Walll was finally down in April 2016 I felt an immense flow of life-force running through my heart. We were watching a movie that evening a few hours after the wall was down, when I had that sensation of life-force that I had not felt in such a long long time since the “burnout”. I cried out loud in joy! 

I continued with Emotion Code treatments for discomfort in my thyroid, solar plexus and adrenals. When we had emptied my adrenals from “trapped emotions” my stress symptoms started to vanish and it became easier for me to cope everyday life.


“Before the Emotion Code sessions I was a closed off person in social situations. I was laughing and engaging in conversations, but I never felt I belonged. I had difficulties tackling challenges and I often had self doubt”.

I didn’t feel free in life because I had no basic sense of security. But after every Emotion Code session my burdens were lifted and exchanged with a growing inner security. The joy inside slowly started to dominate as well as emotional balance, stability and drive. All this in the time frame of eight months worth of sessions.

I Honor you for your courage, for investing in yourself and I look forward to help you! 

©Karolina Eleonóra healing 2015-2020

Disclaimer: Karolina is no medical doctor and doesn’t diagnose or cure diseases. If you have a medical problem, contact your doctor. Emotion Code ™ is Energy medicine on the conditions of the body and you can not guarantee a result. The sessions remove “trapped emotions” that creates different imbalances in the body. If you want to quit taking your medication, speak to your doctor. 

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