“I’m very impressed with your accuracy!”

The flow is back in my body!

A client with depression booked a Heart Wall RemovalShe regularly used her crystal pendulum to check her chakras and always found that her Root chakra was very slow, hardly moving at all. After removing her Heart Wall  she tested her chakras again with her pendulum. Above the Root chakra the pendulum started spinning very fast! Being Heart Wall free, life force energy or ‘Prana’ had started flowing through her body. We need this flow to be vital. This is what the presence of a Heart Wall does – it blocks the flow in our bodies, and we become stagnant on all levels. ”The pendulum rotated so fast I had problems holding it between my fingers!”


Stomach ache disappeared

“I’ve had problems with my stomach on and off for years, but the doctors haven’t found anything. I booked the Total Chakra Cleanse with Karolina, (although not for stomach ache!) but to my surplice, the problems with my stomach vanished a few days after the Chakra Cleanse!”


Better connection to my boyfriend

This client did the Relationship Cleanse (scroll down). “I feel stronger and more relaxed now. I no longer feel that old ‘co-dependency’ feeling I used to have to my boyfriend. You are so good at this! Thank you!”


Life is more simple now

“Since you removed my Heart Wall life has become simple. A few weeks after, I’ve had a release of tears and I have been able to let go of many old memories. So grateful.”


A kick-start

[The Heart Wall Removal]“Highly recommended. I felt a distinct enhancing of all of my senses and an immediate increase of physical balance. Several weeks later I still have that ‘peeling the onion’ effect.”


Better self-worth

“I lost my self-worth and I feel it is coming back since you removed my Heart wall. My heart is so light now.”


Well earned recognition 

[The Heart Wall Removal]”Very Good results. A huge difference in how people are greeting and treating me now. I’m no longer invisible. I have tried many times with different healing tools but nothing worked until this. I can breath now. Thank you so much!!”


Im ready to commit to a girlfriend now!

“After several people in my life had told me about Emotion Code, I finally booked a session with Karolina, a Heart Wall removal. I never thought this session could have such a major impact on my life. Emotional blocks I have been struggling with for years was removed in seconds, seriously!? Some people think that the heart is weak, but I can tell you that they are wrong! Incredibly enough, Karolina could pinpoint a rough period I had as a 25 year old!”


Permanent skin problems, gone!

[Emotion Code Clearing] A school boy had embarrassing eczema on his hand. After the second session his mom contacted me: “We tried different creams for him but without any results, the creams only worked initially and then the eczema came back. That’s when I contacted Karolina for help. After the second session with her, it took 2-3 weeks and my boy’s eczema was completely gone!”


Better sleep and self-esteem

“Before the session I had chest pains, and pains in my back / shoulder blades and shoulders. This lead to poor breathing and poor sleep. My self-esteem was low, and I didn’t feel confident in trusting others or myself. After my session was done, all the aches and pains disappeared and I got a deeper connection with myself. My social exchanges went easier too, people are drawn to me now. My sleep is better and I feel like a much more open and approachable person these days! I warmly recommend Karolina and the Heart Wall removal! I want to thank Karolina from the bottom of my heart because you opened up a new world for me, filled with so much joy and love. Im definitely coming back for more sessions with you!


Stopped drinking

[Heart Wall Removal] “A huge thank you! I have been drinking whisky Friday to Saturday every free weekend for two years now. This weekend Im looking at two unopened bottles, and I don’t even feel like opening them. A massive thank you, Im so happy!!”


The energy came back after 2 years of Burnout

[The Heart Wall Removal] “I have felt the energy coming back since your session with me. I can become tired If I have been active doing something, but not at all in the same way since before the session. I feel happier and I don’t worry about the future like I used to. I haven’t done any changes to my life except for your session. Thank you!” 


New flow

“I feel an inner balance now that I’ve never had before, it’s like I had an inner pressure that I have been struggling with for years that is now gone! I have been very problem focussed as a person, but after my Heart Wall removal I don’t feel that old tension of worry that I used to. Another bonus is that I used to have pent up emotions before, and now, for the first time in my life, I feel safe enough to express my emotions. Im filled with gratitude for this!”


Positive changes

[Emotion Code session] “So much has happened. On so many levels, with the physical, mental and
spiritual. I feel blissful and strong, grateful and happy.”


Blood pressure normalised

“Since you removed my Heart wall, my high blood pressure is now normal!!” 


People are coming up to talk now

“It is so peculiar… Since you removed my Heart wall, people have started
to approach me and strike conversations. It has never happened to me
before, I feel SO open now.” (This same client had years of stomach ache
that the doctors couldn’t explain, disappeared after I did a chakra-cleanse for her). 


New energy and ease after Heart wall removal

“Wow. I feel so light and calm! I have energy! It is easy to breath.. This was Magic!
And there is something about how I relate to others.. It’s like I’ve grown thicker skin,
I feel more protected, stronger. This is unbelievable. Thank you!!”


Eczema is gone

[Five days after one Emotion Code session
“The eczema around the eye of my child is now gone, unbelievable!!! We have tried different things without results, before your session.” 


©Karolina Eleonóra healing 2015-2020

Disclaimer: Karolina is no medical doctor and doesn’t diagnose or cure diseases. If you have a medical problem, contact your doctor. Emotion Code™ is Energy medicine on the conditions of the body and you can not guarantee a result. The sessions remove “trapped emotions” that creates different imbalances in the body. If you want to quit taking your medication, speak to your doctor. 

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