If you want to book a session for your partner, child, family member, friend etc it’s fine, but people over 18 year of age have to give their written approval to me first.
Schedule: I work from a cue system and I will keep in touch with you when it’s your turn. But often I can start working on you the next day as you purchase a session. When I am finished with you (sometimes it takes days) I email you what blocks I have found and removed in you.

EMOTION CODE SESSIONS (general cleanse), $77

I put my timer on 30 minutes and during that time I remove as much “trapped emotions” aka blocks from you as I can. Your body itself knows what work that needs to be done, Im just a tool for your body. If you have a specific problem say anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, physical pain, you can book this session. After the session, I contact you via email with the results I have found. 


I recommend you start with this session. When the wall around your heart is down, you have a new foundation to stand on during the rest of your healing-journey with me. This session is deeply transformative. It takes me about a week to finish. After the session, I contact you via email with the results I have found.   


Do you feel like you have a hard time finding the right partner for you? In this session I remove all and any block you could have regarding romantic, sexual, intimate, commitment type of issues. This is to create a flow that opens you up to attracting the right partner for you. After the session, I contact you via email with the results I have found. 


Includes Root chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus, (for Heart chakra you need to book a “Heart wall removal”), Throat chakra, 3d Eye chakra, Crown chakra and Earth star chakra underneath your feet. The Total Chackra cleanse gives you a new stability in your body, increases your wellbeing, inner sense of security, focus & flow.


This session is to cleanse the time before and in the uterus. To do a cleanse here is powerful and suits you who feel rootless, restless, lost, who has a hard time finding your place here on Earth and socially, you who feel a nagging sense of sorrow, anxiety or resistance to adulthood. We pick up “trapped emotions” from our mother during pregnancy and labour. A lot of people have birth traumas that we can heal, in most of the cases, only one session.

0-6 AGE CLEANSE, $77

This session is for the early family period of your life, where you formed a lot of the basic social constructs. In an optimal frame, you learned a positive core self image, how to trust, how to bond with others, you learned about masculinity and femininity, you learned how to say “yes” and “no”. Blocks in this age may be that you feel socially awkward, you may feel like you don’t belong, you may long for deeper friendship / partnership, you may feel torn and struggle with making decisions. 

7-14 AGE CLEANSE, $77

This session is for the period in our lives where we are fitted into the school system. We acquire self discipline, adopt a stronger group awareness as well as indivualism, we want to build skills, we start to voice ourselves, our mental and social world is expanding. The blocks here may be social trauma (bullying etc), competitiveness, Under-Dog, Top-Dog program, Good Boy/Girl program, searching for acceptance, status and validation. 


This time period is where you form your self-reliance, self-esteem, your relationships and how you take on the world. Blocks in this phase will affect your ability to make decisions, self-sabotage, relationship problems, fear of failure and fear of success. The power struggle of the inner Darkness or inner Light can create a multitude of issues that sabotage love, career, health, family, friends and self. Recklessness, destructiveness, promiscuity or on the other spectrum; dogmatic, rigid, moral police, preacher. We need to integrate both to be in balance. 


Sometimes we hold resentment to the ones we love the most. This can create a negative loop where fights and arguments take the centre scene. With this session I go a head to clean your trapped emotions towards someone else, or I cleanse both of you (one at a time) but that requires the other persons approval first.


We can use The Emotion Code to clear your past lifes too. Your body knows what needs to be released, so no need to analyse. I will remove as many blocks I can find during 30 min. You will get an email when the work is done with the result.

©Karolina Eleonóra healing 2015-2020

Disclaimer: Karolina is no medical doctor and doesn’t diagnose or cure diseases. If you have a medical problem, contact your doctor. Emotion Code ™ is Energy medicine on the conditions of the body and you can not guarantee a result. The sessions remove “trapped emotions” that creates different imbalances in the body. If you want to quit taking your medication, speak to your doctor. 

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