The Super Upgrade™ 

You do the Super Upgrade once in your life. It is a gift to yourself of release and getting the healing energy of your chakras back and flowing through the body.

I’ve been working with removing negative energy forms such as demons and earth bound souls for years. Then I learned that these dark forms of energy attach themselves to our chakras as well, where they can steal our energy freely every day. That’s why I created the Super Upgrade™ treatment to be able to help in this effective and transformative way.

The importance of clearing the body’s energy field so that the soul can begin to shine through is hugely important now. We who came here to spread the light, we need to purify ourselves so that no negative energy forms, IA, implants, demonic energies or energetic parasites hijack our energy field and our power.

It’s not so nice to have a Crown Chakra with a big fat demon sitting like a lid above it; blocking light from entering and in that strangling your spiritual development. Or an IA energy form (looks like grid) that dim downs your entire 3rd Eye so you can’t develop on a visionary level with dreams, ideas and intuition. Or having a negative energy that sits in your Sacral Chakra and creates addiction problems, extreme physical fatigue where you’re relying on coffee to make it through a day, takes away all sex drive or makes you over-sexual. Or having two Foot Chakras blocked from grounding and healing from Gaia leaving you feeling insecure, isolated and lost.

The Super Upgrade: How does it work?

A total of 14 chakras will be cleansed:

Root Chakra
The Sacral Chakra
Solarpexus Chakra
The Heart Chakra
Higher Heart Chakra – your Hieros / Gamos (Christ / Kristos or Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine).
Throat Chakra
3rd Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra
Earth Star Chakra (your connection with Gaia and Agartha)
Soul Star Chakra (your connection with your Higher Self)
The Foot Chakras (here you get your grounding)
Hand Chakras (here is your hands on healing ability)
Zeal Point Chakra / the Mouth of God (here you take in life energy)
Galactic Chakra (your connection to your Star Family if you have one)

I will work on 2-4 chakras per session. There will be about 5-7 sessions. It’s a big job, we’ll both be tired, euphoric and get releases. When each chakra is emptied from these energetic parasites, I fill it with the highest light, love, and then I have been instructed to place the symbol of a burning candle in each chakra, with its respective color. This keeps future demons etc away.

*Brief about the Zeal Point chakra (also called the Mouth of God and located at the back of the neck). This chakra is where we get life energy into the body and is an extremely important energy center. This is where we are connected to the fake Matrix and I will also pull out the cord that sits there so you don’t have to energetically be trapped in the fake Matrix energy with its many programmings. Your individual strength and courage come into play then.

Just as Jesus cleansed his beloved Mary Magdalene’s chakras from the 7 demons that reside there in all of us (connected to the 7 deadly sins), I now have a form of healing where I go into each chakra and remove all the negative attachments that are there. There can be up to 50-70 negative attachments in the chakras and we are going to clear all of that!

Is the Super Upgrade difficult to complete?

No. This is not within the frame of the Emotion Code, where you can have a “backlash” and feel a little emotionally weak afterwards. The Super Upgrade is my own healing that I have developed since 2006. I work directly with Jesus and Archangel Michael in the sessions who both assist and help me when I cleanse. More on that further down.

The Super Upgrade™ can make you tired and sometimes energized. When all 14 chakras are cleansed and re-calibrated, you can have deeply blissful sighs for a couple of days afterwards. That is your body that is washed over by your own sovereign light, your own essence and it makes the most of this absolutely wonderful healing. When you are not leaking energy anymore, a new type of energy will come back. For example, if you had an energy implant that sat in one of your chakras and emitted a disturbing signal, you will afterwards feel the silence in your system. 

Some of these negative attachments in your chakras may have been there since you were only a few years old and it is a real adjustment to get your body’s inherent healing power back. That subtle essence from your Chakras that suddenly begins to flow through your body, healing you. You will then start to embody the light you came here to spread.

How can this be done remotely? How does it work?

Some people wonder how this can be done remotely. I have been doing all my healing work remotely for years. It’s easier for me because I can tune into you and without distractions go deep and start pulling these energetic parasites out of you. I don’t do the job alone; Archangel Michael, Jesus, my Team and your Team are there to assist.

Energy flows where we put our intention and if we have the intention to do this work for someone, even if you are in a different room, even if we are in different countries, it does not matter a single bit.

Let’s say I empty your Root Chakra of negative energy forms and find 3 demons there. What I do is I gather them one by one and ask them to return to Source / God and leave my client alone, in the name of Jesus. Then, according to universal law, they must let go. I capture them and see to it that they come to the great light of Source and there they are transformed into beings of light. They are so surprised and happy when the light washes over them and they discover how nice and wonderful the light is. It’s nice to see. They are liberated.

The negative attachments I remove from your Chakras

Types of dark attachments:

Dark energy without intelligence. These lower the frequency of your chakras.

IA forms of energy. Negative Artificial Intelligence sometimes look like a grid that emits a disruptive frequency that effectively suffocates your energy so that you cannot feel your own essence in the chakra. It makes us insecure, anxious and lost. Your own essence makes you safe.

• Negative projections / holograms. For example, you can have a projection on you of shame, sadness, trauma, etc. that is not yours but is an imposition to psyche you into believing that you feel that way.

• Parasites. These are often insect-like such as spiders, silverfish, ticks or look like black octopuses with long arms. They gnaw small holes on the light body and suck the energy out of the chakra.

• Implants. These send out a disturbing frequency that drowns out your own frequency. For example, there may be a humming sound in the background that you do not notice until it is removed.

• Dark spirits, natural beings that attract misfortune, misunderstandings, etc.

• General demons, attack us humans. They try to get us into certain emotional states with the goal of making us lose control.

• Over Lord demons that attack eg cities or very powerful souls.

• Dead / stagnant energy.

• The False Light. This is an energy that misleads us into believing the lie, not being able to see through illusions. We begin to believe that good is evil and evil is good.

• Chaos energy. Creates restlessness within us.

• Energy weapons. I find knives, ropes, bullets, scissors, hammers, clamps and all sorts of symbols in people.

• Blockages. Looks like black iron doors. These are placed in a chakra to completely block the energy from expanding.

Do you want the Super Upgrade?

Karolina Eleonora – Quantum Healer & Emotion Code practitioner 

Hello friend! My name is Karolina and I have been a medium and healer for many years.

Do you want help getting rid of your demons and negative attachments? I can help you remove them easily and quickly with my techniques. The Super Upgrade™ will give you full freedom and access to your own power again. Both you and these negative energy forms are released. So your light can flow freely through your body and heal you, every day when you get rid of these parasites.

All my healing takes place remotely. This healing is my own which I have developed over the years in my skills to handle lower energy forms and work with my guides, your guides and ascended masters mainly Jesus, also Archangel Michael and Metatron

I clear a number of chakras per session and email you immediately afterwards with what I found and removed from your chakas and how I then sealed the chakra in light and love so that it is protected from all future energy abuse.

Click here to email me your Super Upgrade order and I’ll book you in or if you have any questions! Talk to you soon.

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