What Is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is one of many modern healing modalities available today. What sets it apart from others is that it is very gentle and without the sideffects one can get of single healing, so called “healing crisis”. You can also easily get Emotion Code remotely.
But despite the fact that the Emotion Code is so gentle, it goes very deep and effectively clears out blockages that keep us locked in life. This article explains what the Emotion Code is, how a session is done and what effects you can expect.

Emotion Code clears negative feelings

Why is the Emotion Code so effective? When I give an Emotion Code treatment, I go straight to your subconscious. The subconscious mind has all the answers as to why, how and when your blockages occurred.

I ask your subconscious mind what blockage you have and sometimes where it is lodged and to whom it is connected. Then the body is ready to release the block / negative emotion and I can remove it.

You who receive the treatment do not need to feel the feelings for me to remove them. I work with muscle testing to find them. However, in about 20% of the cases, you can briefly experience an ‘echo’ of the feelings I have removed. 

The treatment is done in a very calm, gentle and neutral way. And my communication with your subconscious goes fast! I quickly remove your blocks one by one so that a new life-giving flow can come both for body and soul.

Emotion Code and remote healing

How can Emotion Code work remotely? From a metaphysical point of view, all people are connected. Our souls are so large that their size is not the size of our body. This means that with millions of people on our planet, our souls are in constant contact with each other. That is why we can notice when someone close to us is thinking of us, even if it’s from the other side of the world.

During an Emotion Code treatment, I begin by asking your Higher Self if I can act as a “stand in body” to you. This means that I temporarily, during the treatment, talk to your subconscious to scan for blockages. I can not feel what you feel / think etc, but I do feel how heavy energy is being lifted off and a sense of relief as I remove the blockages.

As previously mentioned, I do muscle testing to find your blockages. Preforming muscle testing means that I do Kinesology which is the technique we use within the Emotion Code to find and release blockages.

How does it feel to get an Emotion Code treatment?

Many feel a direct relief afterwards. The heavy or uncomfortable feelings are lifted off and one gets into in a nice flow again.

When we carry heavy, sad, angry feelings we contract. When they release, we open up to life again with joy. It can be a huge difference before and after an Emotion Code treatment!  

Maybe you have a fall-out with your spouse? I know me and my partner get that from time to time. I then know what to do: I do a session for us both and release a few stuck energies and just like that we have rekindled again with a new warm, easy atmosphere. 

Just as we clean our body, our home or clean our email inbox, we need to clean our energy field. Actually, of all the things mentioned above, your energy field I believe, is the No 1 thing that can make a real impact on your life and give massive benefits. My regular clients start to blossom and enjoy life in a new way. They become more open, spontaneous, more self-loving, they attract new opportunities and they become aware of how energy works.

Emotion Code raise your frequency

A negative feeling vibrates at a low frequency. It weighs down, takes energy from body and psyche. It also has a tendency to attract more negative emotions. For example, a person who suffered an early trauma of betrayal, will attract more experiences of betrayal (like attracts like).

A few years later, the person wonders “why does this always happen to me ?!”. If we take a closer look, we see that he / she has many similar experiences in the baggage, all of which originated from a situation that happened early in life. It has tainted the energy field of that person. With an energy field that vibrates of betrayal and other negative feelings its easy to see that similar experiences will be ‘drawn in’ to that persons field / life, and now we have an ongoing loop of negative experiences building up. 

By removing the negative energies from your field, one by one, you will start to see improvements of things shifting in your life. The more Emotion Code sessions you take, the better your personal field will become, the more powerful you will become. 

Negative energies take up space in our bodies, so when they are removed, there is suddenly newfound space. That space draws in “Prana” instead. Prana is Life force energy. It goes by other names too, Chi, Ki and Qi (Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Ki Aikido are all based on the principle of Life force energy, as well as Feng Shui and Pranic Yoga). You notice that things are getting easier, it’s easier to manifest, you are attracting people, money, health, joy and happy news easier than before. 

The Emotion Code is not a ‘quick fix’, but it purifies so you can go through life without unnecessary baggage – you become more efficient in all areas of life.

Let’s start with your cleansing!

My name is Karolina and I am Emotion Code practitioner, trained by Dr. Bradley Nelson. When I remove your block / negative energies I scan the emotions that are in your wall and remove them one by one.

Emotion Code is a tool for removing trapped negative emotions. The more heavy energy we can remove from our energy field / body, the clearer we become in thought, words, action. This also affects how people meet and greet you. 

Heavy energies such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, worry, betrayal etc block the flow in the body and robs us from vital energy. Removing them is crucial to our life quality and awakening. 

I recommend you start with removing your Heart Wall first. The Heart wall is the reason behind so many problems that having that out of the way lays a great foundation for further work with me. But we will discuss your needs prior to booking a session. 

The whole session is done remotely. After payment I connect with you via email to see how I can help you. 

I work with Kinesiology as I scan the body for the negative energies that are stuck. When I’m done, I’ll email you again a “report” of what I found. Your subconscious knows exactly what is the problem and what is the solution and it is at the subconscious and at the cellular level that I work with my treatment.

Click here to order a session. If you have any questions about the treatment, please email me here. 

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