A Guide To Anxiety

A Guide to Anxiety that you have never had anxiety explained before. What if anxiety is not something bad but something good? In this article, we go into a whole new perspective on anxiety that will give you peace and gusto to move forward. 

We live in the age of anxiety if you will. It’s a phase that we are facing collectively, because never in time has so many had to wrestle anxiety on a daily basis. The anxiety seems to have peaked for years and since around 2015 many of my clients have had their fair share with anxiety / panic attacs. It can look pretty miserable on the surface what many are going through. But from a deeper perspective, there is a meaning behind all this anxiety and it has all to do with releasing energies. 

The body does it’s job by releasing heavy frequency. That is what we call ‘anxiety’. 

That’s right. Energy-purge means that the body pushes ‘up and out’ those energies that are too dense to stay.

To be able to explain this process, we need to talk about what is going on collectively, about cosmic frequencies, that is different types of light and sound found in the Universe. These lights and sounds sometimes hit the earth – we all know that the sun can have storms hitting earth and some may know that solar storms can make us feel restless, uncomfortable, you can get emotional outbursts and yes … anxiety.

Anxiety is an energy detox

What happens when the incoming of higher cosmic frequencies reaches Earth is that our bodies start to shift and change. These frequencies are very very high light / sound.

In this process, heavier frequencies begin to leave our bodies, they are cleared out and come to the surface. You can sometimes feel like an itch, or like the skin is popping / or a restless skin sensation. That comes from the the bodies cells that are activated by the cosmic frequencies (eg light photons, gamma rays, plasma currents) and when the cells start to activate, the heavier frequencies are shaken off as energy debris.

This whole process is extremely positive but can feel scary if you do not have the Bigger Picture of what is happening. It doesn’t help that there are groups online with strictly linear messages about mental health / anxiety that paint a gloomy picture of hopelessness for “mental health sufferers”. They might mean well but when you do not understand this basic process you simply can not help in a groundbreaking way. 

Panic attack, simply means that your body is ‘vomiting’ heavy energy.

So the sound and light frequencies in the Universe that reaches earth affect us all. It is immensely transformative and healing. We are moving through a part of the Universe now that has new frequencies that we have not been exposed to before. This has an accelerating effect on our every level. Mankind is growing and maturing very quickly now. Although it may feel intense, on the bright side it means that it get’s the job done quicker and we can leave it behind us.

Anxiety is misunderstood

The mental health community view anxiety as something “bad” and “wrong”. I believe that a better way is to welcome the wave of temporary discomfort, work with it, breath it out, feel the pleasure of releasing it. However, when you start to analyze the discomfort, intellectualize it, make it wrong –  you can’t release it. It stays stuck in you. That is why some ppl live with anxiety for their whole life – they don’t have the awareness of how to be in allowance and trust the process. The more resistance you hold, the harder it gets for the heavy energy to flow out of you.

On a mental level, we can feel bad because we feel bad, because we do not understand what is happening. While others have challenging feelings without suffering from it, because they have the information that gives the control and the confidence back, the information that I give you here.

We don’t even have to call it anxiety, we can think ‘I’m having a wave of energy detox right now‘. You should never identify as someone with anxiety. What happens then is that you attach an image of yourself as someone who has anxiety. It is not only incorrect, but it further locks you into a frequency where you attract lower energies that build up more lower energy in your body. 

Anxiety eventually wears off

When you start waking up, and you open up more and more, anxiety is more or less inevitable. I see it as getting sore muscles after a good workout. Awakening kinda makes us sore. So we must learn to look differently at anxiety and not take it as something ‘bad’. It is nothing but dense, heavy energy that we can no longer keep in the body and when it is cleared out we feel much better. 

Your focus needs to be on letting go, neutralizing the charge that past events have on you. 

If you are on the journey of clearing out heavy energy from your body, one day you will have no more heavy energy to purge. This is when you notice how much happier you are, how easy it is for you to attract that which you wish for into your reality. 

And one more thing. Some people get anxiety after eating meat / chicken. See if you can recognize a pattern with meat eating + anxiety.

Emotion Code relaxes anxiety

Emotion Code is a healing modality that systematically removes heavy energy from the body. It can be done remotely (I work with clients all over the world) and it is very quick and gentle healing for releasing. 

Sometimes I receive e-mails with an urgent need for purification from someone who feels ‘down and out’, for example with anxiety or discomfort. Then I drop everything and go in quickly to take away their heavy energies. It will be a nice sigh of relief for the client that goes “aaahhh…”.

Besides the acute sessions, I do sessions where go to the root of anxiety, where we look at childhood, self-esteem, trauma, emptying adrenal glands from stress, supporting the nervous system etc.

It’s a journey. Not a quick fix. 

I have had clients with really severe anxiety who, after just one session, have been able going forward with their lives as usual again, others have a more complex situation. It all depends on your situation, but regardless, the Emotion Code helps.


• We live in the ‘era of anxiety’ and in the ‘fast era’, but only temporarily. It’s a phase we should slip through, not stay in.
• We are exposed more and more to different cosmic light and sound frequencies (eg light photons, gamma rays, plasma currents) that force heavy frequencies in our bodies to the surface – what we call anxiety.
• The process is extremely positive even though it can feel intense.
• Anxiety is a natural part of waking up. At a certain point in our soul’s journey, everyone experiences anxiety to varying degrees.
• Anxiety is in fact our cells purging heavy frequencies provoked by these high cosmic frequencies.
• It helps to welcome this and think that “Good! I’m having an energy detox!” instead of seeing yourself as a victim. It also helps to dissolve one’s identity attachments to anxiety by not calling it anxiety, one can instead talk about it as the fact that it is dense energy that causes temporary discomfort.

More assistance for you

My name is Karolina and I am an Emotion Code practitioner, trained by Dr. Bradley Nelson. For anxiety I always recommend we begin with removing your Heart wall. 93% of all people have one and removing it will kick-start your healing journey. We will need to keep removing heavy energy after the Heart wall is gone to help you release old, stuck energies and get you out of the loop with anxiety. 

I scan you for blockages and effectively remove one by one until the wall around your heart is gone. You then get a relief, support and hope back so your healing-journey goes faster and easier! You may feel that you have a weakness, that you are stuck, that you need a boost and then I am here for you.

Emotion Code is a tool for releasing heavy energies that keep us down. The more heavy energy we release from our energy field / body, the clearer we become in thought, words, action.  Heavy energies such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, worry, betrayal etc block the flow in the body / life and take lots of vital energy from us. Removing them is crucial to our wellbeing. Emotion code treatments gives a pleasant feeling of relief but in rare cases, we experience a brief ‘echo’ of the energies that has been released, but that is nothing to worry about. 

The whole session is done remotely. After payment I email you and you tell me what you need help with and then I start the cleansing. I work with Kinesiology as I scan the body for the negative energies that are stuck. 

After the session I email you again the result with what I found. Your subconscious knows exactly what is the problem and what is the solution and it is at the subconscious and at the cellular level that I work with my treatment.

Click here to order a Heart wall removal. I will email you after payment and we will discuss your needs. If you have any questions about the treatment, please email me here.

* If you are wondering from where you get information about the different frequencies of the Universe, so there are plenty of people who can ‘remote view’ today so they close their eyes and can look for what is happening around the sun and tell about cosmic perspectives. When enough people have seen the same thing and received the same information, there is a resonance that is good enough as a source iaf for these articles.

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