Post Traumatic Stress

Post-traumatic stress is a concept that is beginning to gain a greater understanding today, beyond war veterans and disasters. We have broadened our view of what ptsd is and what expressions it can take in our lives. This article is about what ptsd is and how easily we can be helped.

More people than we think has PTSD

Ptsd is actually a much bigger concept than we previously thought. Today it is known that more or less all people have some form of ptsd. The lighter forms of ptsd arise because at the time of the event, we were weakened enough to absorb it as a ‘trauma’.

A classic example of a lighter form of ptsd is when you are to report a task in front of your classmates or your team members and the whole body shakes with horror. You absorb the trauma and you feel discomfort of just thinking about the day when you will be up there again and talk.

More difficult forms of PTSD

• Physical, mental, sexual abuse
• Accidents
• Physical injury or illness
• Grief and loss
• Financial problems
• Bullying
• War, disaster

Lighter forms of PTSD

• Social challenges
• Fear of for example dogs
• Failure, eg you were laid off from work
• Coming out of a messy relationship
• Get food poisoning and can’t stand eating that food anymore 
• Someone blames you for something you didn’t do
• Frightening air flight situation that causes you to not want to fly anymore

All of these examples can cause discomfort enough for us to get ptsd.

How are we affected by ptsd?

The way we are affected by ptsd are many and subtle. For example, if we have trauma from being in a fire something as simple as opening a hot oven door, getting a heat wave in your face may be enough to trigger the ptsd again.

Or if we have ptsd around dogs, it is enough for a dog to bark out on the street for the discomfort to be activated and put the body in different levels of stress.

You have the negative charge from your ptsd in your body. It sits there and vibrates a low frequency that keeps your nervous system locked into that stress 24/7. 
Living with that kind of “background stress” you do not get the basic relaxation that is so vital to your body and psyche. What happens to the body when we can’t release stress? The cells close. Being closed, they can’t take in nutrition, oxygen and glucose and they can’t release toxins. Years pass and your bodys cells are closed from subtle chronic stress. Having long periods of chronic stress damages your cells and the body can get sick. So there is every reason to start clearing that trauma-energy, using some of the effective energy healing methods available today.

The role of cell memory in the recovery of ptsd

It is in our cell memories that we store away bad events that we have not been able to process. They stay there and even though we do not necessarily think about them daily, they are there and they have a profound effect on us. We also know that time does not heal all wounds. Even those who have been in trauma as a young child and now in their 80s can still have unresolved trauma triggering them right back to fear, panic and horror. Instead, it is better to act on clearing this negative energy. In doing so new space is found where that old negative energy used to lodge in the body, and with that new space – there will be new flow. The cells start to open like flower again and you feel more and more vital on all levels. 

Ptsd and your Heart Wall

A good start to heal is to remove your Heart wall. The heart wall surrounds the heart as protection of 93% of all people. It is our subconscious mind that builds the heart wall to protect the heart from being injured again, but living behind a wall is not recommended. It is thought of as a temporary solution in an emergency situation, but sometimes we fail to release that negative energy and the wall start to form. Today we have different energy healing modalities that can do this in a convenient and easy way for us. There is no need to spend years on the therapy-couch, or to “learn to live with your problem,” but instead we can go straight to the root cause and remove the whole root.

When we remove the cause, the symptoms disappear automatically.

Another problem living with a heart wall is that it in itself creates new problems. Difficulty sleeping, heavy breathing, anxiety, depression, shoulder pain, neck, back pain, difficult to give and receive love, hard to forgive oneself and others. It is heavy for the heart to have an energy wall that suffocates and burdens the heart. I removed the heart wall of my mother and her high blood pressure became normal, so even the physical heart feels bad about not being able to expand freely.

Here’s how I work with you

My name is Karolina and I am Emotion Code practitioner, trained by Dr. Bradley Nelson. For ptsd I always recommend we begin with removing your Heart wall. 93% of all people have one and removing it will kick-start your healing journey. We will need to keep removing heavy energy after the Heart wall is gone to help you release old, stuck energies and get you out of the loop of ptsd

I scan you for blockages and effectively remove one by one until the wall around your heart is gone. You then get a relief, support and hope back so your healing-journey goes faster and easier! You may feel that you have a weakness, that you are stuck, that you need a boost and then I am here for you.

Emotion Code is a tool for releasing heavy energies that keep us down. The more heavy energy we release from our energy field / body, the clearer we become in thought, words, action.  Heavy energies such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, worry, betrayal etc block the flow in the body / life and take lots of vital energy from us. Removing them is crucial to our wellbeing. Emotion code treatment gives a pleasant feeling of relief but in rare cases, we experience a brief ‘echo’ of the energies that has been released, but that is nothing to worry about. 

The whole session is done remotely. After payment I email you and you tell me what you need help with and then I start the cleansing. I work with Kinesiology as I scan the body for the negative energies that are stuck.

After the session I email you again the result with what I found. Your subconscious knows exactly what is the problem and what is the solution and it is at the subconscious and at the cellular level that I work with my treatment.

Click here to order a Heart wall removal. I will email you after payment and we will discuss your needs. If you have any questions about the treatment, please email me here.

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