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Free Mini Guidance,
Dec 2018

Welcome to You.



Schuman Resonance spikes on and off since Easter 2016. Schuman Resonance is the ‘Heartbeat of Gaia’. Its been a steady 7.83Hz since they started measuring in the ’50s, but then something happened. The Resonance started to spike 2016.. Up to 90Hz in periods.

And then there is the mystery of our Sun. The Sun is in deep symbiosis with Gaia, and with us. It sends out ‘solar flares’, aka Light Futons. And these Light Futons charge our Light Bodies. It affects us strongly. We can feel moody, get food cravings, feel sleep disturbances, feel heavy in our limbs, it can trigger headaches, aches in teeth, bones, muscles, we can get skin rashes, nausea, feel sore and so on. Our inner organs and tissues are all being upgraded at a cellular level.

Because they are the vessel that will hold our Soul, and they need to be Pure, cleansed enough so for that to be able to happen. The Soul hovers around our physical body, but it is meant to travel into the flesh and bones of the physical so that the physical body can co-travel with the Soul up to 5D / New Earth. The other option would have been for the Soul to release the physical body – which would mean death of the body, but we don’t need to die anymore to shift into 5D.

All of this is the ‘Physical Body Ascension’.



So the influx of heightened energy is affecting us all. It affects us in the way that our stuff comes up to surface, to be released. It can feel like a pretty intense and overwhelming experience at times, but really, it is a Divinely guided process. We could say that you find yourself in the middle of the spiritual Evolution of humanity.

Some are less used to deep feelings bubbling up, some have done inner work for years and are fairly equipped dealing with these discomforts. Some have yet to start this journey fully.

What is happening is humanities ‘physical body ascension’. Our bodies are going from ‘physical-etheric’ to etheric-physical’. We are going from this old carbon structure into the terraforming that is going on now, the end result we still don’t fully see. But just like so many before us have pointed out, we become more and more etheric as beings, and the veil is thinning.

The Old structures are coming down, are dissolving. New structures are being built up. In this You evolve. This is not a small undertaking, it takes all we got to integrate these changes within. It is a constant inner job. However, we used to focus on the outside endeavors, forgetting about the inside, not knowing that our powers lie within. Without the Old structure (grid) that in a sense went down in Dec 2015, we can feel lost & confused. Its a feeling of free falling, like there’s nothing to hold on to anymore. But this was a stronger sense for people at the shift between 2015-2016. We are integrating this every day, together with so many other things needed to be integrated, and so we are getting used to not having that Old structure to lean on. Now, we are leaning onto our Inner light, our Soul. We are all leaders, who lead ourselves these days.

Every day, we are building and building the New, that which is left after the ‘fall of the old’, and every day we are releasing and releasing more of our inner heavy, dense structures that cannot be anymore. They have played out their part of this world, and of your body. They had a purpose back then, now these dense energies have gone obsolete, I see them as empty shells that need to be driven out of our systems. So Bravo to you, kudos for sticking with it, for traveling through each day tighter with your body’s integration & releasing process.



The energy, frequency of Hell is the densest of the dense and we all have some of that, to some degree in our physical that needs releasing. If you are going through a nightmarish period, “dark night of the Soul” as they call it, know that you are in intense purging of these lower frequencies. That now is the time for you to let that go, and in doing so, you are clearing for your whole lineage back in time, clearing for your ancestors and you are helping to clear the collective field of Hell-frequency too.

So again, bravo kudos to you, Titan. It is done when it is done, but it helps if you honor each step of this temporary path you work with. It is your Soul’s work, and your Soul is happy to do it!

We have been so locked down, carrying these Hellish frequencies deep within our physical bodies, embodying those energies in our daily lives. This is why we live in the ‘Age of Anxiety’ now, because of all the people purging these dense frequencies and getting anxiety as a result. The fact that they come up to surface now, to be released, is a sign that we collectively as a Human Family, are ready to Evolve.
It can be helpful to think that the worse the emotional sensation is, the darker the “shit” you just purged out of your system!



—> During nighttime, we go to the Astral and the image I get is that all the seeds of intentions we carry are being released during sleep time. Those seeds are released into the Astral where they start to work for us, they attract that which has a similar frequency, they look for Coherence since that is a Universal Law (like attracts like) and the more it starts to build a shape, a form.

—> During daytime, we head back to our Play-ground, the Matrix. It is here where all our intentions in sleep time are being played out in the great Play called life, with all your co-actors doing their thing.

So.. Our life is a result of the conscious and unconscious intentions, seeds, we carry with ut into the Astral plane, during sleep.



Not that it really matters, but:

Energy is the element that describes matter (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth & Ether / Energy).
Frequency is energy that holds codes / information, it is a specific energy with a specific “jobb”, if you will.
Vibraton is the process of this moving through the physical that we experience as a sensation.

That’s how I see it 🙂



I say to people that there are two versions of them, there is their Soul & their Ego. Let’s not intellectualize the Ego too much, though. All that needs to be said now is that the Ego stands in the way for your Soul to fully merge with your physical body. The Ego is what postpone your future happy days to put it simply. So let’s just focus on how to quit the Game of the Ego, shall we?

Heart opening, which leads to a deeper consciousness, deeper presence, deeper knowing or remembering, a vaster field around your body = which means you can feed your body more Light. Is the best medicine for dealing with & deleting the Ego.

Heart opening needs to be done manually, in a meditative state, I believe, during a period. Then your heart stays open 360° by itself more or less. The heart is the ‘Governing door’ that dictates other doors inside of you, so when you open the heart, the whole you starts to open! It is the main Star-gate or Portal of you, if you will. So it is immensely powerful to dedicate yourself to manually open the heart each day until it stays open by itself.

+ Everything that ‘happens to you’ is so that your inner dense structures & programs can be allowed to surface and be released.
+ Life is of many Paths, but all paths carry Teaching. If you are a willing student, you will Evolve quickly.
+ Suffering shows you where you still carry unconsciousness.
+ When you learn to master your thoughts & emotions, you become aligned, and in that you are Free.
+ What we perceive to be ‘negative’ is really the opportunity for deeper understanding.
+ The more we integrate, the more information (light) we can endure. The body can only take so much light before it shuts down into sleep or symptoms. With time, we can carry more and more light / information. Information doesn’t have to be linear, it can be non-linear in form of new frequencies that brings more balance to the whole.
+ Difficult processes that feel dark / heavy, is an invitation to release those dense energies.
+ Until something is integrated, it will show up in your life to give you a new chance to do so. Life won’t give up on you, it will give you chance after chance to get it just about right. And when you have integrated your lesson, you Graduate to your next Level. One day, there won’t be any more lessons for you, my friend. One day we are done being students in the school of Duality. On this earth, we learn through contrasts, why the feeling that Earth is a Bootcamp for Badasses & Bitches. We attend Duality-school to grow into the Titans of Star-Light that we really are.


Dualism keeps us suck in a 3D grid of victimhood, if you will. From there we are powerless in our mental belief that something is or is not.

The Good-Bad dynamics is an illusion

Every situation, being joyous or difficult leads to higher understanding, higher experiences, higher knowledge, so how can anything be “bad”? When we stay graceful and dignified, we will come to see all experiences as valuable. You have to look for the value, though.

The Friend-Foe dynamics is an illusion
Everyone is our friend in a sense, because everyone around us mirrors us, they show us where we have still distortions. What you see in them, you also carry inside. The greatest teachers of our life, is those, who we call our enemies.

The Dark-Light dynamics is an illusion
Dark is a form of Light, and Light is a form of Darkness, Alfa & Omega. Darkness is that which holds less information, but all dark carries a seed of light. And all light carries a spot of darkness. Hence they represent two aspects of the same. The Lightworkers have to integrate the shadow, and the Dark dwellers have to integrate the Light. There is no right or wrong in this, only the need for greater integration. Light is no more righteous than the Dark. Darkness is an absolute necessity for the process of Life to happen.

To allow yourself to Transcend beyond duality and into triality, from the binary to the trinary and higher, into Unity is the message here.



– To go deeper inside, the easiest way is to eat foods that support balance and to avoid stimulating foods like sugar, the onion family including garlic, ginger, alcohol, coffee, cacao, meat (has adrenaline).

– And eat fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, nuts & seeds (anything coconut is beneficial), herbal teas, seaweed & lots of chlorophyll.

– Foods that make it hard to stay alert will also sabotage meditation, reflection and inner focus. They are: Fats, meat, dairy, bread, pasta, eggs and cereals.

Teas I use to experience the inner depths: Oolong, chrysanthemum, rose, lotus tea, jasmine.

A note on cacao. Cacao is a godsend feminine herb. But, it is to be used only for certain phases of this journey. I consumed kilos of raw cacao between 2007-2012, because I needed to activate my body, to re-educate my body of the feminine principle (this was something I instinctively felt). Today, if I eat cacao, l get tremors and I feel overstimulated so much so that it hurts my balance.



“Stretch, Star. Stretch to each direction of the Cosmos, so far.
Fill this Space with your essence. Taint it with your tone, with your vibration, with your message.
For you are the Star.
When all falls off of you, what is left is your Star-light, for a Star-beeing, you are.
You carry the original light and your Field is growing Bright,
…Brighter with each day, with your Star-light, and of this we say:
So stretch, expand beyond…
And the new Time shall once again liberate the Star and bring you back Home.”


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