Client story: Happy Without My Heart Wall

Finally Heart Wall free!

Hi Karolina!

I wanted to tell you how I feel now that my Heart Wall is removed. I have waited a few days to get it confirmed myself. I find no words, I am so impressed with your treatment and do not understand how it can be.

It took a few days before I felt the difference, but now I feel so much better, but I almost dare not believe it ..Dare hardly say it out loud because I am worried that it is only temporary in some way. I’m so fascinated.? I want to tell everyone! Why do so few people know about this? Why is this type of treatment not part of the health care system? Im so excited!

A Heart wall stops the flow in the body

Why do you become so relieved, free and happy when you remove your Heart wall? Well, because a Heart wall consists of many heavy emotions.
It is built of grief, hardships, betrayals and pains of your life from the days of your childhood – what we usually call one’s “bagage”

Bagage is nothing but your unprocessed emotions that have settled into the body’s tissues. And using the Emotion Code, I can remove them. 

They tend to collect and settle where there is already 1) damage to the tissue or 2) where there are already many other negative emotions that are stuck there. When these negative energies collect around the heart we get a Heart Wall. It is our subconscious mind that creates a Heart wall to try to protect us from being hurt again. But living with such a wall is not a good idea.

Is the effect of a Heart Wall treatment temporary?

Both yes and no. Having a Heart wall is like living in a prison. You may have pressure over your chest, feel empty or subdued, have difficulty sleeping, you take deep breaths often. With a Heart Wall you feel a sort of semi depression and than may make you want to lay low in social situations, its like you operate on your lowest gear. From there, it is easy to slip into depression and or anxiety.

When I remove someone’s Heart Wall it feels like stepping out of this prison and the initial experience is for many, pure euphoria…! The contrast of having been in prison and now feeling this ease, feeling how the flow pulsates in the body, or tingles, obviously gives a real boost!

Over time, you get used to this condition and it becomes the new normal. Sure boosts are super cool, but we do this work mainly to get a better flow in your body and life. Then your life is joyous you and it becomes easier to manifest your wishes (joy is an incredible magnet that attracts even more good things, oportunities, people, love etc). 

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Life without a Heart Wall is more colorful.

Flow, flow, flow

Freed from your Heart wall, you get a new flow through the body and what happens is that your frequency goes up. The body feels better because you have a higher “octave”. Some of the heaviest feelings for you are now gone and this creates space inside for more joy, exuberance, openness, desire, play – yes everything we had naturally when we were kids.

Why are children so wonderful? Well because they have so much flow. They laugh with their soul, have 100% presence, make new connections easily, they let go and move on and they marvel at the smallest of things. They do not hold back but allow themselves to be in the present; when they cry they cry fully, when they are angry they live it out and when they are happy they jump around.

This openness is among the healthiest you can give yourself. If you put a lid on your spontaneity – the most beautiful thing about you, you also stop your flow.

When your Heart wall is gone there will be a more open body language, a spontaneous way of talking and laughing, wild ideas and you naturally attract situations and people who are also happy.

Finally, being an adult with wisdom and maturity but having the child’s pure openness is a very nice combination.

Do you also want to do the Heart Wall treatment?

Hello friend!
My name is Karolina and I am Emotion Code practitioner, trained by Dr. Bradley Nelson. When I remove your Heart Wall, I scan the emotions that are in your wall and remove them one by one.

Emotion Code is a tool for removing its Heart Wall. The more heavy energy we get away from our energy field/body, the clearer we become in thought, words, action and with it also follows life and how others respond to one. Heavy energies such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, worry, betrayal, etc block the flow in the body/life and take lots of vital energy from us. Removing them is crucial to our feeling.

The whole treatment is done remotely. We’ll discuss your needs and after payment I start the Heart Wall Removal. I work with kinesiology as I scan the body for the negative energies and remove them. When I’m done, I’ll email you a result of what I found. Your subconscious knows exactly what is wrong and what is the solution and it is at the subconscious and at the cellular level that I work with my treatment.

Click here to order a Heart Wall Removal, or if you have questions, I’m glad to help! Talk to you soon!

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