Twinflames is not only a controversial topic but also an  industry that exists to guide those who have a “twin”. Twinflame is a difficult-to-describe concept, but on a superficial level it can be said that it is a stronger, deeper type of relationship than a soul mate. The online discussions around the concept of Twinflames describe it as having only ONE twin, namely the one that is the other half of one’s own soul.
This article explores what Twinflame love is, kills myths and clears the confusion.

Twin flames – a potential pitfall

In the world of the New Age, there are certain concepts that seem to be sacred, that are not tolerated to twist and turn with a rational mind. I have no such restriction in this article though. During my years as a spiritual counselor, I have talked to many clients who have a Twin that they need to discuss. I don’t deny on any level that there are Twins, but I avoid getting stuck in a dogmatic form.

The pitfall is about a scenario where two people meet with extreme chemistry / attraction, synchronicities and activations. But where the relationship soon becomes unhealthy and destructive. Often where one is destructive and the other allows, indulgence has that behavior “because he / she is my Twin”. The next step is that one abandons the other (called the runner) and the other patiently waits for him to return (called the chaser). It becomes a form of shock. You can’t imagine dating anyone else because everyone else seems boring, flat, uninteresting. The drive to get more experiences together is strong. One reads in so much longing and expectation, perhaps hooks up all his future happiness on this person that it becomes a violent imbalance.

If you actually have contact with your genuine Twinflame, you are separated from them for a reason; You need to learn how to balance up your emotional charge so that it becomes balanced and more neutral. You will not be able to cooperate optimally otherwise. The idea is that you should be whole and happy in yourself first, not using your Twin to get there. Your spiritual guide system would not allow you to. They want to see you grow by your own power first.

Your Twin is an activator

A Twinflame relationship is rarely frictionless. Often it is far outside your comfort zone. It can come into your life to tear up your old foundation of life for you to be shaken about choosing a path and starting to grow. Not infrequently does the Twin who came in with passionate thunder and vomiting disappear.

We do not need to have a romantic relationship with our Twin. Sometimes it does not fit for different reasons. We then need to deal with the pain, longing, missing, passion that remains unanswered. Some are perfectly ok with not having a romantic relationship with their Twin. Sometimes a Twin comes into our lives just to activate us. Not infrequently sexual. We have a sexual encounter to activate our Kundalini.* Kundalini is the power that is inactivated in the Rotchakrat and which one day travels upwards from the tail of the tail to the skull, through all the chakras so that they can be clean and perfectly adjusted.

Typical Twin relationships are full of work, where we are forced to confront exactly where we are unconscious. We are shaken, transformed. We are not the same person as before the meeting. But together with the person we feel better, primarily we feel deep inner motivation to grow and make powerful life choices where we want to serve others. Finally, we wake up to our own true capacity.

What are your relationship requirements?

Only you can decide what your relationship requirements are. When is the limit reached for you to leave? Can you stand up to the person when he / she is their worst self? How well do you work together even in stress and difficulties? What is most important to you in a relationship? Dare to dream of how wonderful it should feel to have a stable, peaceful, happy and exciting relationship that works every day. In some cases, you have had such a destructive relationship that you need to move to get a fresh start, or clean out what is “sitting in the walls”. Then try a house cleaning.

We don’t just have a Twin

Magenta Pixie has interesting abstract contributions to the debate. She describes via her network (white winged collective consciousness of nine) that Twinflame is not a static relationship form, but a multi-layered truth.• Twinflame is an energy that can be manifested in everyone’s relationships.• You have the true Twinflame relationship with your own Higher Self.• There is a person who is your Twin.

All of these examples are equally valid. The healthy thing here is to not get stuck with one person and use the excuse of Twin to be in a destructive one-sided relationship where one does not want to and the other is more or less obsessed with the idea of ​​the other.

If you have been in contact with a fake Twin you can get very confused. Strong transformations, deep connection and unlikely synchronicities have been experienced. But then the person just disappeared and now you hang in the air. Somewhere there might also have been a betrayal, a lie, a rejection, a deep confusion and an even and sometimes obsessed interest in getting the person back into one’s life. Here you have a fake Twin. A real twin can definitely give a certain messy experience, but the warmth, security and love is the red thread instead of confusion and obsession.

False Twin Flame

We would like to attribute intense love relationships like our Twin. But if the person is not compatible with our relationship requirements, life choices and needs – is it really our Twin? In order to make the situation more confusing, there are also “Karmics”, ie people with whom we have karma to be sorted out. Both relationships can be chaotic.

No one can take away your own experiences with anyone else. But if a relationship, whether it’s a Twin or a “regular”, makes you feel bad – go. There is a plethora of people now who experience having a Twin as I am a fake Twin. Use your common sense and rationality and ask if the person makes you feel good, or if the person pulls you down, stops you in your tracks, is demanding, toxic etc. Then you have a fake Twin that you can leave immediately. We should not be blind in love, on the contrary. If you are going to give your everything to someone, it needs to be the right person.

How spectacular chemistry one has with someone should not be decisive for how we choose. You can have spectacular chemistry with a psychopath.So your best compass is your rationality. We have deep negative programs about love where we have been shaped to believe that “love hurts”, or that we should “sacrifice ourselves a little for love”, or that we should wait for someone. If you happen to wait for someone who does not want to have a relationship with you, you may have to wait for the rest of your life. Who is hosting your wait? Would that person wait as long for you? Or is there an imbalance?

A true Twin is someone you grow stronger with all the time, not just in the beginning. It is a person you instinctively feel you can trust. That treats you with respect and loyalty all the way, not just in the beginning. You are an excellent team that is there for you and wants your very best.Want to release a fake Twin or someone else?

Do you want to release a ‘false twin’ or someone else?

My name is Karolina and I am Emotion Code practitioner, trained by Dr. Bradley Nelson. If you have been dealing with a fake twin flame, you may need to do some clearing energy work to get them out of your system. What I do is that I first remove the ‘trapped emotions’ between you and then I cut the cords between your bodies so that both of you can move on. 

If you have a real Twin flame and experience difficulties I can assist too. By strengthening the cords between you and removing negative energies you two can get a fresh start. 

Emotion Code is a tool for doing this type of energy work. The more heavy energy we can remove from our energy field / body, the clearer we become in thought, words, action. This also affects how people meet and  greet you. 

Heavy energies such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, worry, betrayal etc block the flow in the body and robbs us from vital energy. Removing them is crucial to our life quality and awakening. 

The whole session is done remotely. After payment I start your session! Feel free to share your Twin story so I can more easily help you. When I’m done, I’ll email you again a “report” of what I found. Your subconscious knows exactly what is the fault and what is the solution and it is at the subconscious and at the cellular level that I work with my treatment.

Click here to order a Twin Flame Clearing / Healing, or if you have questions. Talk soon! /Karolina Eleonóra

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